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Why recycling zinc ?

Zinc, naturally ubiquitous

An element naturally present in the biosphere, zinc is essential to the metabolism of all living organisms. Man has learnt how to take advantage of the physical and chemical properties of zinc to make it a material that is indispensable in applications as diverse as car making, construction, agro-food, battery production, or pharmaceuticals. It is for its corrosion protection properties, through galvanizing, that zinc is most commonly used.


Recycled materials = reduced impact on the environment

Zinc-rich, electric arc furnace dust is the main raw material processed by Recytech. By extracting this zinc, which is re-introduced in the circuit as Waelz oxide, Recytech offers steel mills the opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of storing industrial waste, and contributes to preserving natural resources. The zinc recycled by Recytech helps reducing mine extraction by approx. 500 000 tonnes per year.

 The properties of the material are preserved

The Waelz oxide recovered during the process has a zinc content of approx. 60%. It is used as second-generation raw material in the zinc industry. The recycling operations actually preserve all the physical and chemical properties of zinc.


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