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Our commitments

As a company concerned with limiting the impact of its activity, Recytech has implemented an Environment Management System and safety underpinned by the principle of continuous improvement of the performance. Each component of the company's overall environment has been characterised, measured and preserved by a number of actions driven by our HSE policy. These actions are planned, implemented, checked and, whenever necessary, corrected.


The plant is equipped with a number of high-performance systems to filter out smoke released into the air through a single smokestack. The diffuse emission of dust is limited through water spraying or local extraction. The permanent follow-up of smokestack emissions, regular readings of the Owens dust counters located on the perimeter of the site, and the random air quality checks carried out by DREAL - the monitoring authority, are as many check points.


Stormwater retention ponds collect rain water and help reduce to a minimum the withdrawals from ground water to feed the process. All the water that comes out of the process and all the rain water is collected to be re-used, thus reducing releases to zero and ensuring closed circuit operations.

Systematic checks on neighbouring ground and surface water, and a constant follow-up of the risk of legionella, make up the indicators of our impact on water.

Landscape and noise

A landscape architect took part in designing the plant and in minimizing its visual impact. The mounds and tree screens that surround the facilities hide it almost completely from the neighbouring towns. Each new building on the site is the object of a landscape integration study.

Overall, measurements show that Recytech's operations do not have a major noise impact on the environment. More actions help reduce noise emission even further: limiting at source for noise making equipment, road traffic management to avoid driving through residential areas, internal road traffic limitation through the building of the pelletizing plant, and a reduction of nuisance for the local community through the building of a landscaped mound.

Towards zero waste

Slag is the main waste produced by Recytech. This is recycled as backfill, while studies for other applications are under way. Other types of waste generated by the operations are for a vast majority directly recycled internally in the kiln or processed by approved third party providers.

Safety and technological hazards

A genuine, active safety policy has been in place to secure a healthy and safe working environment for all, through:

  • risk prevention;
  • management of behaviours; and
  • the recognition of individual involvement and collective results.

 The management of technological risks is the object of special care through:

  • the implementation of a Safety Management System;
  • the control of safety gates with a view to reducing major accident hazards to a minimum; and
  • the observance of regulations and best practices.

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